First Ever?

Current Mood: tumblr_o5uus8sEaN1tytc93o1_400 Cause fricken writing is hard and so is editing a blog and trying to be creative

I don’t know if you guys know, but starting a blog is HARD. Like it took me at least 3 hours just to get it to not look like some idiot amateur made it. Came reaaalllyyyyy close to just paying 21 buck for a really cute theme but like sheesh. Maybe when this thing starts getting more interesting who knows. I tried to start a blog last year when I lived in NYC, but to be real, I didn’t do much cause I didn’t have any friends so that would’ve been a real boring blog to read. So yeah, this is another attempt at a blog. I’ve been writing journals ever since I can remember, but I can’t show them to anyone (they’re pretty R rated), so I figured I would start something I can show people. Maybe it’ll be lame, maybe funny, maybe weird who knows. Trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life and maybe writing down my own frustrations will help? Carrie Bradshaw style??? But less graphic???? Gotta start somewhere right? Let’s see if my life is interesting enough to fill a blog.

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