Your Sunday Vibes

This rainy Sunday, I will be talking volume hair stuff, the the best work pants under 30 bucks, tv! music!

hit you wit the intro

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Full Dry Volume Blast™ Mini – Living Proof @Sephora $15.00

This blogger I follow has like the best hair I’ve ever seen in my life. Like its probably fake and takes 80 years for her to get it how she does in pictures but it looks amazing, always. So the other day, I’m looking at her Insta story and she posts about this volume stuff that she “supposedly uses” and I’m like wait they have stuff just for volume???? I’m intrigued cause my hair can get super flat and gross cause I wash it too much and touch it often. So I bought the tiny bottle and decided to just try it out.

Here’s my hair before (air dried):


And after spraying roots and fluffing(and straightening):


This claims to be some sort of god send, and while it smells like heaven it’s very meh. I think, overall it helped my hair get a little more volume than normal, but I felt like I had to use a lot of it to achieve what I wanted. Not sure if i’ll be buying more of it once my tiny bottle runs out.

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Large Scarf (Black, white and grey) @ H&M  $19.99 (similar)

V-Neck T-shirt (similar) @ H&M $12.99

Simplee Apparel Women’s Slim Leg Stretch Casual Pants on Amazon $22.99

Literally need to stop taking my pictures in the bathroom at work cause someone is gonna walk in and its gonna be weird and I’m gonna be that girl. It got randomly warmer last week so I got to go jacket free and not freeze. I’m in love with blanket scarves cause it can be a scarf or a shawl type thing fro when it cold and you refuse to wear your leather jacket for the 5th day in a row (#relatable). I usually pair mine with a neutral top like this one in order to give my outfit some pizzazzzz or ya know just color. Okay lets talk about these pants. They are cute as heck with their ruffled waist and deep pockets. So soft and so comfortable. Saw some similar at this online boutique for about 50 bucks, but these are cheaper and look exactly like them! If you get them, do size up cause the butt can be a little snug. I’m gonna get them in every color by the time the season is up no joke.

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This stuff is like all the rage among health junkies and for very good reason. A healthier version of ice cream that doesn’t taste like fakeness and lies. My favorite are the Caramel Macchiato and the Sea Salt Caramel (basically anything caramel its gonna be good). Tip: let it defrost a bit before you eat it and it’ll taste 10000000000x better trust me I’m wise.

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Sarah’s Day 15 minute Fat burner Boxing on Youtube

YA’LL. Ya girl put out a new video and I was so pumped to try it when I got up on Saturday I didn’t even hesitate. This one really focuses on arms and abs while incorporating a little bit of legs with squats and kicks. I managed to burn 150 calories in literally only 15 minutes you can’t beat that. Also, when I woke up this morning my abs and arms huuurrrttt, but in the best way (cause my abs never get sore anymore for whatever reason). I really really loved this workout basically so go try it.


Stranger Things on Netflix

Okay everyone and their mom is talking about this show because it’s amazing and if you haven’t seen it who are you and why do you hate good things. I watched this in a span of one day literally the definition of binged it. I have two things to say: Steve and Bob are the GOATS and are UNAPPRECIATED (especially Steve). And Steve honey if she doesn’t appreciate you then she aint worth it. okay bye.

Flicker By Niall Horan

Wow take me back to summer of my junior year when I was so obsessed with One Direction that I literally did nothing but go to the gym, stalk them all day on social media, sleep and repeat. Honestly, I’m glad they split up, sorry not sorry. Zayn blessed us with the best album ever, Harry got weird, and Louis and Liam are trying so hard to be Zaddys it’s embarrassing. Niall, thankfully is still his cute self and this album he finally gets to really sing and put himself out there as an artist. I’m proud of him okay? My favorite off the album is Mirrors.

Katie Does Things in NYC

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Friday I tried the infamous Joe’s pizza and am confused. I mean its hard to mess up pizza cause even when its kinda bad its still pretty good, but this was very ight. Even a little, dare I say, burnt. I’m sorry. Bravo pizza in NYC is still #1 in my heart  and taste buds tbh.

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Saturday was a bit of home away from home. My friend invited us over and made some really amazing gumbo and sangria. I was a very happy camper. Then we watched LSU get its ass beat by Alabama for the fifth (?) year in a row. Lordy. The hurricanes at good ole Legends helped ease the pain thankfully.

Fun weekend in preparation for the big 2-3 next week!

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