You Don’t Even Have a What Now?

So if you’re wondering about my strange URL and Title, plz see above image for where I got my ~inspiration~

Katie*22*LSU English Graduate who has trouble spelling English on the first attempt*

Okay so it took me foreves to figure out what the ever loving heck I was actually gonna do with this blog. I first just thought about writing weird stuff that happens to me, but who am I,  Serena Vanderwoodsen? Nobody gives a fly-flippin fart about my life except my friends and family. So I figured, if I want this blog to be successful, I need to talk about some things maybe girl may age will either find useful or interesting. After following this certain style blog on Instagram (that shall remain nameless), I noticed they were appealing to an audience I was not a part of. Specifically, they were posting all these cute clothes (and sometimes not even cute clothes) that were way out of my price range and only really had about 3 things that I could afford. Like there’s no way I’m gonna pay 300 dollars for some crappy flats that I’ll inevitably ruin in two months. For me, what certain outlets classify as “cheap” I classify as affordable.

This is my official second attempt at having a blog about my life. It will be scattered with the following:

  • Beauty finds that aren’t just from Sephora and Lush, cause who can afford that every month at my age?

People who aren’t cut off from their parents money thats who

  • Diet/good foods I’m really enjoying lately.

This could be great healthy stuff that tastes good (possibly vegan recipes and the like) or just a damn good burger I just ate; I’m versatile.

  • Fitness videos or routines I’m trying out that really help me stay motivated.

I have the luxury of a gym, so I will lift weights and that sort of thing. Sometimes I might try a class or two just to change it up or maybe just try running for the day. However, I mostly try to do some things on youtube because that is a wonderful and free way to get real time workouts at home, so I’ll be posting a lot about those

  • Music, books or TV shows I really like right now

Just because I’m constantly doing all three (though sometimes I watch more Netflix than I really should), and wouldn’t mind sharing the things I think are worth looking at.

  • Some “relatable” stuff I’m going through or a short story or something I feel like is worth talking about


So, there you have it. I’ll try to update every week!