You Don’t Even Have a What Now?

So if you’re wondering about my strange URL and Title, plz see above image for where I got my ~inspiration~

Deciding what your entire blog is gonna be about is one of the hardest things ever. I have so far changed mine like three times. It’s hard for me to pick a single specific thing this blog is about, so here’s what you need to know:

One day, in my fairytale future, I am sitting on my couch in my beautifully decorated plantation-style home. I’m still in my robe and it is 11:02 AM. I have a giant cup of coffee and am admiring my shelve of successful romance novels, all of which have been NY Times best sellers. As a 23 year old girl-baby(I say girl baby because I’m just fumbling around trying to survive and I cry over nothing sometimes randomly), I figure if I ever want that to be a reality, I gotta start flexing my old writing bones in any way that I can. Since Hearst magazine won’t take my calls anymore about making me the CEO of Elle magazine, I figured I’d start here. No one has to pay me to do this and I can basically say whatever I want, except something crazy like dogs are annoying and Reece’s isn’t the best candy out there.

I will be posting:

Food stuff! Workout stuff! Beauty stuff! Stuff Stuff!

Anything and everything I’ve liked or didn’t like that I thought, hey maybe someone wants to know about this. I’m not a fashion blog (although I love me some clothes), so you won’t see 5 awkwardly posed pictures of me followed by some links to 300 dollar shirts and belts. One thing I definitely wanna do is stand out from all of those mundane blogs you see everywhere all the time.